Wednesday, November 11, 2015


That is what we are left with. The only way to immortalize those beautiful moments that we wish would never end, is through memory. The only way we immortalize horrible moments, against our own will, is also by saving a memory - represented by the word trauma. Every bad memory that we have not because we want to, but because it left us with a scratch mark on the soul or it took a big bite out of it, is called a trauma. Just like there's no stopping time when we wish we could, there is no turning it back either.
Traumas shape, build and sculpt our demons, painting them a shade darker each time. And these demons will consume you, you will have to fight, sweat, to supply enough life for both - it and you. It will gradually be more and more prominent in the moments when you feel angry, disappointed, threatened. It will darken your reactions to all the pinches and punches life throws at you, and evil branches out from within. This will eventually result in taking over your actions too, you will be so full of venom that you will want to spew it all over the place, all around you. You will hate and attack with no apparent reason. Thus, your reactions to traumas gathered up will become actions of the demon taking control.
Every moment will stick to you a blessing or a curse.


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