Friday, September 14, 2012

Music and smartasses

   Been away for too long, I know. But I'm back with more mental vomit, which I now chose to spill here, since they would be way too long for a Facebook update. Now I know some would ask 'Why the need to spill it?' Because I feel like it. Problem? Yeah, didn't think so! At least I do it on MY page, my blog and don't spam others' virtual space.
   Plus why not question things, make others question them and maybe improve them? 
This is about music and all the 'wars' I see all over. All the bullshit, basically. I do NOT see the point in debating music. Apart from the fact that useless arguments will NEVER get to a conclusion because of the opinions and tastes that differ so it's no reason to even start them, I really think people should lighten the fuck up. I always thought people should focus much more on what they have in common and what they enjoy, instead of their differences and what they hate, spitting venom all over. Cooperating would lead to much more, but heck, some can't seem to grasp that. What I can't understand is: WHY compare music, compare bands, compare old with new, taking the role of deciding what is 'true enough'? Didn't it ever occur to you that you could enjoy a wide variety of things, instead of wanting to be smarter than everyone else and analyzing them? If I like metal, I can like punk just as much, and also industrial, even the '90s hits. I adore 'Kill 'em All' but also like 'St. Anger' a lot. I can listen to both oldschool heavy metal and black metal. 'This sucks, that sucks, that's a poser, XY is way better' etc. Why not just take various things as they are and enjoy them for what they are, or simply dismiss them without bitching? What point is there in picking on people for what they like or what they don't?? If you can answer that with something legit, you're probably a genius and I'll go hide in a corner. For instance I don't like powermetal and I think it's a silly subgenre, but I won't go bashing others for listening to it.  
   PEOPLE SHOULD LISTEN TO WHATEVER THE HELL MOVES THEIR INNER WORLD. Music is art, you can either relate to it or ignore it, of course having an opinion is always good, but wasting time and energy on something you could just ignore or avoid is ridiculous. If you can't relate to something, leave it for others. Why bother analyzing it to infinity and trying to convince people who like it that it sucks?
   All so pointless, just loosen up and enjoy the music and your lifestyle. As a friend was saying, people in the alternative subculture should be much more united, no matter what they listen to.


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