Monday, May 30, 2011


What do you feel like when you are walking through darkness, everything is pitch black, the soil is dark and wet, your steps sink deep into the ground....but the warm air and summer night breeze is still comforting? You walk towards your are closer and see some dim light from afar, like the light of an old petrol lamp...makes you think of a relaxing fireplace, doesn't it? What is it like to feel horrified and attracted at the same time, being afraid and enjoying it? The fear of the unknown leads to curiosity after all.. the sense of adventure. Don't let fear dominate you.Dare to approach. 
Come closer.
You see a long, seemingly neverending rusted fence, with some barbed wire leftovers tangled on it...also rusted. This place must have been protected once. It was a place where people came to have fun, men, women and children. Especially children. The place must have been populated by noisy people during summer days.
Now, it is the doleful lair of decay. Of forgotten, frustrated spirits that you never thought existed.
You are there. You can enter through the hole in the fence, no need to walk all the way to the gate...there is no difference. These human-like creatures are spread around the yard. Silence. Only some whispers are to be heard..Whispers that stop as you walk into their sight. These people are quiet...they make remarks from time to time, which are almost inperceptible, so very quiet. They are demons...your demons. They have weird body structures, grotesque, yet alluring. As dead as this place and it's people might seem, there is insane fire in their eyes. Complete madness, craving, depravity, hunger and lust, bloodlust maybe. Their reaction to your simple presence is the very opposite of indifference.That makes me wonder: why do you want to get rid of your demons?
Why would I want to get rid of mine? To run away from them or eliminate them? When they are the ones that never leave my side, my mind...they torture me when I'm alone, they are there when nobody else is. They are the only ones always keeping me company. We never let them close, we always ran from them. If they approach, we walk away in fear. What if I would let them get me? Let them feast on me? Maybe they wouldn't harm me. How can I know that if I always run from them?
You should try letting them in too.Let your demons feast on you. On your energy. Forget about fear and open your mind. Surrender. Live a new experience...dare to. You might as well get used to their presence because, inevitably, someday you will become one of them. Someday you will be long forgotten and will be craving for some vivid enery to appear on the horizon.


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