Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is evolution: the monkey, the man, then the gun

...I've been thinking about that thing we've been know, that lie that they feed us all..that the human species is the most evolved one..That we are able to think, we are civilized, intelligent, have developed our languages, etc.
Oh goodness, we are so evolved!! They teach this to all of us, and people learn it and are too dumb to realize that's not really true, could be, but it's not... And they teach their kids, and so on. No wonder so many people look down on animals, for example. For ex. if an old lady (or just anyone) walks down the street and sees a man begging for money, she feels pitty and gives that man some change, cause 'oh my god, it is unfair for a human being to live like that!', but if a miserable dog approaches (with fear, but it wants to survive so it tries..) in hope of getting some food, the old lady chases it away 'Go away, you dirty dog! You'll give me fleas!'. Yea. Not to mention that the people who come begging for money because apparently 'they are starving', and you don't have money to give away but offer them some food instead, most of them don't even accept it, or if they do, after 2 steps you see them throwing it on the ground. (a while ago, there was this guy begging for money cause he was hungry, and I offered him the sandwich I had in my bag and he cursed me :| since then I don't even bother.)

But this was just one of the endless examples I could give. This was an example of how 'off track' people are, and how they follow this idiotic, wrong ideology and therefor, they think humans are the greatest, smartest, and everything else depends on us. Bullshit. If we are so great, why are we not even capable of looking after the beings we tend to consider inferior? Gah.

We say we are civilized. Humans are civilized...myeah. Then why do you think you can solve anything with violence? You have a rival, you feel threatened in some way, and you immediately appeal to violence. Or you see someone/something weaker than you, a prey. What do many people do? Become violent. See something that is unknown to you, like people with a different style, or a different life form that you have never encountered...what do you do? 'Fear of the unknown' describes most humans, as they see something different, they automatically (dunno why, but) feel that they have the right to take action against that 'unknown' thing, and this is unfortunately in most cases not interest, but violent behavior. Ring any bells? Really, what makes your big human head think you're better than animals with their instincts? See, there's not that much of a difference.

No wonder we have never actually made contact with extraterestrials... If you don't believe in their existence...sorry, you have no logic. They have studied us and know way more about us than we know about them, they ARE much more civilized, not berserkers, like humans. They had the wisdom to approach just as much so they can study us, and as they did, they never did approach more cause they obviously have seen that we the 'smart' humans give negative feedback to everything unknown, instead of trying to understand it. Though that would be in our advantage, we'd evolve a whole lot if we'd have some kind of partnership with such species. But WE can't even get along With each other, on our own planet, so...

Anyway! This was one thing with the violence part, that is one of the things that stand out mostly, and prove my point.
Then the language...that we can talk, we can form words, we're smart enough for all that. Animals and other species have their language as well! And they have the ability to communicate in a more simple way then us, they don't need so much crap. They're smart enough not to complicate everything as much as we do.
Plus that many animals gain the ability to understand what we say (our cats are a good proof), but when a dog barks you yell at them to shut up, you can't understand their words. So who is the dumb one, the uncapable one? You.
But of course we must feel cocky cause we have our guns, we have 'the power'.

You say: 'but we invented stuff, we built stuff, we built up countries, machines'. Yes, and with all that intelligence, we still do nothing but live with our..animal instincts, and wreck nature by building our 'precious' surrounding. We invade others' homes, by building roads across forests and wondering why there are so many roadkills, we polute the air and water. And you compalin about natural disasters....well, I think mother Earth has all the right to get back at us, for all we do with her! But even those affect only parts of the planet, what we'd need is a global catastrophe to teach us all a lesson. We go hunting and fishing AGAIN because of selfishness, 'cause it's a sport. Would you still NOT see a problem with this if something stronger than you would just come and kill your wife, kid, whatever, because it's a sport for them? Probably not.

And we never never become more open-minded. Never learn to accept a larger variety. Though it would be about time. Back in the 1950's, Elvis was getting stared at in highschool 'cause of his look, because he dared to be the way he wanted to be. Once he started his career, he got accused of being a bad influence and having 'filthy, unclean, satanist' lyrics in his music (eventhough I don't see much of that in his songs), got a lot of people against him. That was WAAAAY back then. And guess what happened in all this time? It is still that way!!! People weren't capable of knowin' any better but to keep up that behaviour until today. They talk about good and morality, cause they follow stupid premade rules, and wear a thick blindfold that they refuse to take off. Tsk tsk. And we say we do evolve.

Much of this is happening thanks to christianity. Fake fake fake people.
So very fake. They have all these rules, all that bible (which Peter Griffin calls a storybook, and me too). They claim to be the best, the cleanest, most pure, the correct ones, and everything else you can think of. Just that they do the exact opposite of what they preach. I won't even go into the fact that they believe EVERYTHING, and they base their lives on all that hoaks. They believe in an imaginary god, and the storybook. That says it all, eh their problem.
But the fact that they claim to be the good ones, but all they do is being fanatic and cause others problems JUST because they are not like them? Who knows how many innocent women got burnt by them, JUST because they thought they were witches?? Is that really a good deed? Why did they think they have the right to judge them just like that, and burn them to death just for that? And besides, what if they were witches, what did they care anyway? Everyone has the right to practice what they want. They're all good and pure,but their symbol is a man nailed to a cross, bleeding and tortured. And further more, this goddamn religion is all about humiliating yourself, to 'show god how much you worship him'. And what's in it for you? Heaven? Lol. You sacrifice all the pleasures of your life in hope of a nice place after death? You must be hella' dumb. Maybe you'll have a surprise and end up in hell with me and Satan hahah!

The pleasures of life! They are prohibited! In order to live a 'holy' life, you practically must have NO fun, what so ever. You must find your thrill by going to church every Sunday, by holding the fast every time you are supposed to, etc etc. You must repent for your sins! Of course! Those 'guilty' pleasures that are in fact normal things. You must go to church and 'confess' them to a stranger, otherwise you go to hell. LOL. You must live for God and for serving him only!

'Guilty' pleasures...I believe this is how sex has become such a tabu, why it's always been that way. That's why sex sells that well, and people have become so obsessed with it along the time. That's why it rules you. (besides your animal instincts, that we talked about). Because it's been considered a sin, it was prohibited, and as we all know, the most attractive things are the ones that are prohibited, or that seem hard to reach. It is not quite like that any longer, now there's more freedom, less boundaries. But as I said, the human mind doesn't evolve, and as sex, porn, partners are much more accessible at every step you take, the majority is still attracted to it because in their subconscious, they still see it as something prohibited and obscure, something that gives them a satisfaction and maybe pride, if they 'catch the fish in the hook'. Same reason why we judge others harshly when it comes to sexual-tinted things. I am not saying you shouldn't enjoy life, on the contrary. I am saying that these things shouldn't be considered obscure, shameful, something to hide, to be afraid to talk about..not anymore.
Usually, people who enjoy themselves and do what they feel like, get looked down at by others or so, this way they are taught to feel ashamed or something, and thus make a huuuuge deal of something that is just a natural thing to do. Of course you should have your limits, but stay true to yourself and don't care what others think, because it's your personal life.

I am neither some creepy tree hugger nor get on any kind of extreme, I just like being radical and seeing things as they are.

(One of the old posts I managed to recover)


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