Friday, February 11, 2011

Ugly things

I want to write a bit about some things people often do, and are so damn ugly. They're very common as I've noticed, and I think almost anyone was the 'victim' of this kind of behaviour, at least once, or have done it at least once...

So...people who have a problem with someone- regardless of the reason and circumstances- have to call that person a whore! Why is that? I will never understand. Why does everything have to lead to sex? I wrote about this in a previous it's particularly about revenge. You get mad at someone, the first thing you do is try to ruin their reputation. If that is your opinion anyway, keep it to yourself. You are superficial and don't know any better, fine. But why do you have to go around telling stories to make someone look bad? I will never understand that. And the people who listen are dumb. They let their opinion about someone influenced. Hurray.

There are different cases and I'll write about some of them...
Let's say you have a friend (both girls), then you have a fight and what happens? At least one if not both go around gossiping about the other one, most often going around to everyone saying 'what a whore the other is'. As I wrote before: PEOPLE ARE NOT CAPABLE OF BEING CIVILIZED. If they really can't work their differences out, they still can't just let it go and ignore their 'rivals'. They must 'see to it' so the other one will look as bad as possible, in the eyes of the community. That's soooo low.

The other one is frustrated ex boyfriends and girlfriends. They break up with someone and they have to get their revenge for breaking up. Another thing I can't understand. How the hell can you expect someone to be with you against their will? Would you prefer the person to be with you cause they feel obligated, or what? It's so thypical that there's a couple, one of them screws up (maybe repeatedly) and when the other one had enough, he/she breaks up. So the idiot one gets frustrated cause he/she think they're such hot shots that nobody should have the guts to break up with them, then they Must get their revenge. Then they go around telling more or less true stories.

Guys that are frustrated like this usually go around telling everyone that their ex is an enoooormous slut. Then they either start putting out all their sexual experiences on the table, giving details about what he and that certain girl did, or they start inventing stories. That goes for the guys that have been refused, mostly.They get pissed cause a girl refused them and they invent stories. That he did this and that to her. If you are in any of these categories, you can go fuck yourself. It's so so ugly to share intimate details (without the agreement of the person you did the stuff with). And it's even more ugly inventing stories. I myself have heard stories about myself longer ago....even so, instead of going to the guy with that rich imagination and kick him in the balls really hard, all I did was have a good laugh. How can people get so low? Really now! Or girls that are also frustrated and can't take no for an answer, then they tell everyone how tiny his tool is, and how bad he is in bed. OR she says he fucked her - to compensate for what didn't happen. Tsk tsk.

The contrast is interesting, though; if a girl is good in bed, that's the thing that makes her look bad, cause then she's considered a 'slut'. The more and the better she does, the 'bigger slut' she is. But if otherwise, you say she's lame and you want more. Make up your mind! As for men, the 'worse' they are the worse it makes them look. If they don't do much, thats what makes them look bad and lame.

Both of these cases can vary since many of these 'storyteller' people invent stuff and tell stuff in a different way than what really happened. It depends on how they see it more convenient to themselves.

LAME. All these are incredibly lame. Any of these cases in any combination.

What I think is the most simple, correct, etc. is to just keep your intimacy between the 2 of you (or anyway, the amount of people it happened with :P...I cant be the judge of that, it's up to everyone to do what they feel ok with.), and don't go around telling everyone about them as soon as you have something against your partner/friend/ex. You might have the feeling that it makes you cool or something, but it doesn't. Trust me.

If you get dumped or simply refused from the start, get over your frustration and move on. Don't tell stuff or invent stuff, cause it's not nice.

And I always thought I am too immature...and I am. But THIS...this, my friend, is way beyond everything I can assimilate.


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