Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Since I can relate to this book so well, I've been writing quotes from it, like I always do when I read a book and bump into the parts I consider most interesting. So I will quote some bits and pieces that reflect my thoughts quite perfectly, and will try to explain my views on them. They will be in random order by the way. First one:

"In the Bible, the word antichrist is only used as a description of people who don't believe in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. He is not described as one satanic entity - as the beast of Revolution which many people believe - but as a person, any person, who deviates from the Christian orthodoxy. But through the years of myth-making and fear-sowing, Christianity metamorphosed antichrists into a single Antichrist, an apocalyptic villain and Christian bogeyman used to scare people much as Santa Claus is used to regulate Children's behaviour."

Why did this happen? Well...first of all, the very 'generation' of Christians that shaped the word above as to represent something negative, were supposedly good, sacred, holy and all that jazz. In reality, they control people through fear, so that they turn to this god, last but not least, for money. It's sheer terrorism really, people are weak and in their weakness, desperate enough to believe that there is an entity that will help them through anything. I say one of the reasons I don't believe in their god is because I can't see him. But I think that is exactly one reason why they do believe in him. They can't see him, which leaves them hope for his existence. People are not aware of their own (potential) power over themselves, in eachother even less (since people tend to care for themselves more than others care for them - if you are so unaware of yourself, others will care even less about you). So they complain that this world is hopeless, which leads them in the desperation of seeking some supernatural power and they know there is no real chance of disappointment since you can't see it, touch it. This is the worst part, that they don't realize it's exactly themselves who can control their own lives cause they are their own gods. Everyone is, and being aware of it is the first step to taking full advantage of the fact! Instead of wasting time praying to an imaginary friend and throwing money to the church thinking that will insure you a place in heaven (btw if god helps you unconditionally, why should you pay?), rather build up some self-awareness and make things happen for yourself. EVERYTHING is possible, you just have to dare to do what you stand for, dare to reach out and grab what you want. I for example am more and more convinced, by each day passing, that I can get anywhere I want, meet anyone I want just for the sake of a good conversation. Things always seemed to be coming to me as a result of my sheer existence and honesty in actions. I realized you can be somebody by just...being the untained self. If you are not a sheep or course, since in a flock of sheep, none is special really. And if you think I am the way I am just to call the attention of others upon me, you are wrong. It is the other way around, I have always been as I wanted and made my point and was glad if someone could relate to it, and felt good in my own skin despite critics and rotten tomatoes. I know it seems like I've come far from the main subject, but was saying this about myself mainly to underline the fact that you ARE capable of thinking for yourself if you want to. Regardless if it's about religion, taste in music, style, philosophy of life or anything. If you build yourself up as to adapt to others, to the flock, to the trendy kids in school because it is easier to deal with them than if they point fingers at you calling you a freak for being the way you are just submitting to what you don't want and by that you are giving them more power. I bet my kidneys that deep down they just do everything because they are cowards individually and need the acceptance of others for social survival. Isn't it better to be the freak you are and feel good in your own skin, not giving a fuck what they say (eventhough it can be hard sometimes, but it's worth it, trust me) and at the end of the day being proud of yourself for having an impenetrable individuality, succeeding through your own beliefs, rather than following along with the others, transforming to conform and feeling fake, selling your soul and betraying yourself? THINK. Boogie-men are only invented to impose you limits, but the only limits you have is the ones you create for yourself. Sadly most people are an easy prey for manipulation. Oh and plus if there really would be a boogie-man, I would prefer to be on it's side, rather than be on the positive side that is fake anyway (since the good is too boring and bored, so it makes much more effort to shun the evil side, evil is too busy being evil to care about preventing the good side to rise :P ). We all have a good and a bad side that are complementary, so why mask either of them? To conform? Nah. Conforming to the so-called good that mask their bad side means you'll do the same => fake, hiding all that until it explodes and when that happens, you will be an icon for evil and some influential public figure will be used as a scapegoat *wink wink*. So feel free to let out either of the two when you feel the need to..that is a part of being yourself. Repression is not a solution to anything, the more forbidden something is, the more you want it. THAT is what creates the real evil...


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