Saturday, January 9, 2016

Media Trailer Trash

Day by day, I have the "privilege" of reading too much ineligible crap (and this happens because I choose to cross paths with the main source of all this rubbish : media, of course). The most infuriating for today was: "Saggy skin may destroy your relationship. Find out how you can prevent..".

Et voila! This is exactly media's way of destroying your relationship, in favor of consumerism. Thanks to us, the sheep, who are still too unevolved to remain unimpressed by superficial things that actually do not matter at all, mass-media can freely rise and successfully use it's manipulatoar powers, by creating unrealistic, plastic, absurd standards, expectations of things that should at least not be a priority, if not ignored completely. And which are not even aesthetic or healthy, in any way.
"If it's on TV/ in magazines, for sure it's an example to follow!" Wrinkles, pimpals, extra pounds, every natural phenomenon that you will probably encounter during this lifetime is classified as a disaster. "Get rid of X gross trait, and you will see that the boy of your dreams will smile at you immediately, X group will accept you, your life will switch to perfect right away!"
Of course it is a great thing to take care of yourself, to stay fit and healthy, but because you want to, not because of what you and your friends see in catalogues or TV...from the moment you let media stick it's nose into your existence and get under your skin, you won't even realize that you are trying unnecessarily hard to head in a direction that is not even yours, that you don't even want or need, just because the surrounding world dictates it, sitting on your shoulder and whispering indications directly into your mind. The subconscious never sleeps, dude. You will find that you have stopped using your own untainted definition of 'beautiful' as a guideline, and instead following what you see is considered 'beautiful' in the outer media-driven world. Maybe we don't even have an own genuine definition of 'beautiful' or 'ugly' anymore, since we grew up associating these words with all the visuals provided by the modern world: posters, teleshopping, magazines... therefore, the herd spirit gravitates towards the artificial. They sell their products, people will lose their mind, their acquisitions become based on vanity & desperation, rather than their actual needs and wishes and their own taste; all will risk losing their ability to think and feel clearly. The more these copy machine-made false ideals are publicized, the bigger the need of building ourselves in accordance with their image and likeness. In turn, we will end up constructing similar expectations of people around us, especially our partner, forgetting that a scratch-free aspect or a more or less photoshopped 90-60-90 body is not really that beautiful or special, and neither a relationship criteria that will keep us warm in the long run. So, inevitably, we will all find someone at a point, that we will treat nicely in the feverish game of fresh meat, we will fake-feel with some autosuggestion that the other person is as perfect as they pretend to be, and of course, as we expect them to be. After which, comes the time of phantom-expectations. You want a partner exactly like in commercials. If you have that, you will still direct your attention towards something else, that to you seems 'something more'. If you don't have that, you will try to change, adjust your lover. Or, you will simply make them feel like shit and inadequate, by making favorable comments about X public figure or clubwhore, as if they were supreme beauty, the cherry on top, untouchable.
To this sort of behavior, one reaction would be that he/she will try to exaggerate with self-improvement and still, will never feel like he/she is good enough, and will consider him/herself inferior to X public figure or the clubwhore. Another possibility is that they will gravitate towards a more concentrated attention because of self-respect, and will leave you behind to make someone else miserable. The worst case would be resignation, they will accept the thought and feeling that they will never be "good enough", never the grand prize or focal point for you and thus, will neglect themselves, will give up and not care about themselves anymore. In this case, you will find yourself in a rutine that you have created by treating your partner as a simple annex to your grand ego with grand expectations, not knowing that X public figure and X clubwhore wear masks, too.
But in this case, do NOT wonder if, after a long tedious day at work, you will come home to find a person as sour as you sitting in a corner, obese, sweaty, or with bony, sucked-in cheeks and eyes framed by dark circles and swelled from so much crying because they wasted their life with you. You sure as hell will not feel like getting physically close to them, and the inner distance has been created long ago, by your faulty idea of having a partner. At most, you will cheat on each other if you're lucky enough to find someone as miserable and desperate as you two, and if not, you will channel all that negative energy and tension into endless, constant fights.

Another form of media with the same effect is social media. Everyone posts an inflated version of their face and their lives, everything seems perfect with everyone. Everyone but yourself. So you post a "better" version of yourself, as well, to fit in and it all becomes a competition of fake egos. If you are the douchebag from above, you will see other girls'/boys' selfies as "WOW!" and see them as prettier than your lover that you were smitten with recently. Maybe you get to talk to them, they might not be exactly what you've expected in reality, but well, they're pretty on Facebook and that is enough. Then you skip to the next pretty selfie and meet disappointment again. Disappointment that you deserve, for being a douchebag.

It is not your skin that will ruin your relationship, but media and the lack of character that you suffer from.


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